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Resolutions issued by a water management company; the determination of the invalidity of such a resolution SK 49/13

Ref. No. SK 49/13


Warsaw, 12 May 2017

The Constitutional Tribunal, in a bench composed of:

Grzegorz Jędrejek – Presiding Judge
Zbigniew Jędrzejewski
Julia Przyłębska
Piotr Pszczółkowski
Sławomira Wronkowska-Jaśkiewicz – Judge Rapporteur,

Krzysztof Zalecki – Recording Clerk,

having considered, at a hearing on 12 May 2017 – in the presence of the complainant, the Sejm and the Public Prosecutor-General – a constitutional complaint submitted by Falubaz Polska S.A. Spółka Komandytowo-Akcyjna, a company with its registered office in Zielona Góra in Poland, in which the company requested the Tribunal to examine the conformity of:

Article 179(2), (3) and (4) of the Water Management Act of 18 July 2001 (Journal of Laws – Dz. U. of 2012 item 145, as amended), to Article 45(1) in conjunction with Article 77(2) and Article 21(1) as well as Article 64(1) and (2) of the Constitution,

or alternatively

Article 179(2), (3) and (4) of the Act mentioned above – insofar as it rules out the legitimacy of parties that have a legal interest in demanding the institution of administrative-court proceedings in the context of decisions of the governor of a poviat on the invalidity of resolutions issued by water management companies or the governor’s failure to act as regards determining the invalidity of the resolutions of the officials of water management companies – to Article 45(1) in conjunction with Article 77(2) and Article 21(1) as well as Article 64(1) and (2) of the Constitution,

adjudicates as follows:

Article 179(2) and (4) of the Water Management Act of 18 July 2001 (Journal of Laws – Dz. U. of 2015 item 469, 1590, 1642 and 2295 as well as of 2016 items 352, 1250, 1948 and 2260) is consistent with Article 45(1) in conjunction with Article 77(2) of the Constitution of the Republic of Poland.

Moreover, the Tribunal decides:

pursuant to Article 59(1)(2) of the Act of 30 November 2016 on the Organisation of the Constitutional Tribunal and the Mode of Proceedings Before the Constitutional Tribunal (Journal of Laws – Dz. U., item 2072), to discontinue the proceedings as to the remainder.

The ruling was unanimous.

Grzegorz Jędrejek
Zbigniew Jędrzejewski
Julia Przyłębska
Piotr Pszczółkowski
Sławomira Wronkowska-Jaśkiewicz