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Table of Contents

1. The CollectionLibrary
2. General Regulations Concerning Access to the CollectionLibrary
3. DatabasesLibrary
4. Bibliography of ElaborationsLibrary
5. Libraries LinksLibrary

1. The Collection

The library is in charge of creating the main scientific and inquiry base for the work of the Constitutional Tribunal. The library collection includes publications covering different areas of Polish and international law. The collection consists of:

2. General Regulations Concerning Access to the Collection

Access to the library is open to:

 Opening hours: 8.30 a.m. - 3.30 p.m. (for people from the outside: 9.00 a.m. - 3.00 p.m.)

Xerox copies are not available!

3. Databases

The Library holds access to the following databases:

  1. The library's own database that have the possibility of multi-dimensional searching of data collected in the "COLIBER" system:
    • compacted publications catalogue,
    • constant publications catalogue,
    • the catalogue of articles.
  2. Polish Legal Bibliography
  3. The bibliography of periodicals of the National Library.
  4. Lex Temida (including also jurisprudence of the Polish Constitutional Tribunal).
  5. Lex (Gdańsk) and Lex Polonica Prima (Kraków) consisting of jurisprudence and binding acts of law.
  6. 6. CODICES - the system of The Venice Commission of the Council of Europe containing the records of the most important judgements of the constitutional courts . These include verdicts pronounced by the European Court of Human Rights, European Court of Justice and U. S. Supreme Court on the issue of the concordance of legal norms with the constitution. The system is available in English and French.
  7. 7. An annotated review of Polish and foreign magazines and periodicals.
  8. 8. Acquisitions.

4. Bibliography of Elaborations

This bibliography contains works and studies concerning the Polish Constitutional Tribunal, and also the glosses. It is brought up to date systematically. It is being published in a serial publication "Studies and Materials" vol. VIII: H. Plakowa, Constitutional Tribunal in Poland (a selection of bibliographies concerning the activity of the Tribunal). The state on the 15th of October 1998. Warsaw 1998

The contents of the bibliography are mentioned below:

  1. Introduction
  2. List of abridgements
  3. Glosses written on the basis of the Tribunal's jurisdiction
  4. The glossaries index
  5. The files' call numbers index
  6. The subject index of the glosses
  7. The catalogues of:
    • compacted publications
    • articles from the scientific magazines and complete editions
    • articles published in the law periodicals
    • selected articles published in the daily press and in the social-cultural magazines
  8. References to the jurisdiction of the Constitutional Tribunal mentioned in the general courts' jurisdiction (selection).

See also serial edition "Studies and Materials" vol. VIII: Halina Plak, Problems concerning Constitutional Tribunal (selection of the bibliography up to the date of  15th of October 1998), Warsaw 1998.

5. Libraries links

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